Covid Shot Mandate Victories


What good does your phone call or e-mail to legislators make? Does it really make a difference when you appear before groups such as a school board or city council? What you may not be aware of is that push-back like this is definitely having an impact.
Joining Jim with details surrounding some examples of how push-back is making a difference was Mat Staver. Mat is the founder & chairman of Liberty Counsel. He is a constitutional attorney with three landmark cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The broadcast began with breaking news that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was going to step down at the end of the Biden administration, is now accelerating his departure as he's announced he'll be leaving in December of this year. Mat believes this may have to do with the change that is likely to be taking place in both the House and the Senate in November. After all, it's likely Fauci will be investigated for policies going all the way back to the Wuhan lab and his funding of "gain of function" research.

Concerning COVID shot mandate victories...

North Shore University Health System--

North Shore denied all religious accommodations across the board. They gave some medical exemptions yet denied the religious ones. Once Liberty Counsel pointed out that this would be discriminatory and a violation of the law, North Shore even began revoking some of the medical exemptions.

Liberty Counsel filed a federal lawsuit and the health system decided to settle via the nation's first class-wide settlement against a private employer over the COVID mandates. It'll be over 10.3 million dollars and involve about 500 healthcare workers.

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