Voices of the Past - D.L. Moody, William Booth, Ironside, Billy Sunday, Nicholson, an

This recording is made available for all Missionaries and WebTV listeners!!!

This recording takes you back 100 years (1899) into the history of the old time Evangelists. Get a rare glimpse into the ministry of Evangelist D.L. Moody and his song leader Ira Sankey with an 1899 audio recording of both men in one of their final gospel campaigns. Hear a fiery excerpt of Evangelist Billy Sunday preaching against the 'Devil's Booze.' Other recordings include William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army (1912), British Evangelist Gypsy Smith, and Uslter's finest preachers: (1) Willie Mullan, (2) John Wylie, (3) W.P Nicholson, Dr. Harry Ironside, Peter Marshall, Bob Jones, James Kyle Paisley and more.

Aug 22, 2007
Radio Broadcast
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