God's Glory and the Creature's Good - Pages 6-7 from Washer's Book, 'Journey into the

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Paul teaches from his upcoming book, 'Journey into the Gospel' (No release date set).

It is extremely important to understand that God does not seek His own glory apart from His creatures' greatest good. In fact, the greatest good that God could ever accomplish for His creatures and the greatest kindness He could ever show them is to glorify Himself - to direct all things and work in all things so that the fullness of all that He is might be displayed before them. If God is of infinite value, splendor, and beauty, then it follows that the most valuable, most splendid, and most beautiful gift He could ever give to His creatures is the fullest revelation of Himself.

Pages Covered: 6 and 7

  • God's Glory and the Creature's Good
  • God's Glory through the Gospel
  • Why has God given His Son for the salvation of men?
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Duration 32:11
Date Aug 21, 2008
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