Scottish Confession of Faith (1560) by John Knox & Others, Presbyterianism


'After the death of the regent Mary of Guise, Knox and five others drew up the Scots Confession, which parliament approved. The authority of the pope was abolished and celebration of the Mass became illegal' (Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith, p. 208).

'It was the Scottish church's official theology for only 90 years, having been superseded in 1647 by the Westminster Confession... the Confession is... cordial, vigorous, and spontaneous. A crystal-clear theological core is dressed in prophetic and militant language. A number of passages have inspired Christians in Scotland and elsewhere. Especially noteworthy are its insights on the Bible, Communion, Christian living, and the Christian's relationship with civil power' (Christian History, Vol. 14, No. 2, p. 24).

Interestingly, some German Christians, suffering under Hitler's tyranny, sought guidance from this Confession -- a pattern that has often been repeated regarding Knox's works, whenever tyranny raises its ugly head.

Knox championed and defended the Biblical doctrine regarding the right to revolution and its concomitant, resistance against unbiblical authoritarianism in Church and State.

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