The Power and Compassion of Jesus

139 ( 33 | 106 )

In this expository sermon Dr. Felker shares a message about the amazing healing of a leper, a disease that was considered incurable. This story illustrates the fact that we too face problems in life. Just as the leper faced physical, social and spiritual problems, so do we. When we have problems, we should bring our problems to Jesus. We should do so by faith and we need to determine if it is God's will to save us from that problem. It was the Lord's will to heal the leper! If it is God's will to heal or save, then we can count on Him to have compassion on us and manifest His saving power. When He does save us, we should be obedient, yet the leper was not.

Aug 13, 2023
Sunday Service
Mark 1:40-45
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