Shabir Ally on the Deity of Christ, John 1:1, Greek Grammar, Robert Truelove & Contex


What is between a jumbo DL and a mega DL? I don’t know either, but here it is…right at an hour and fifty minutes in length, today’s DL will keep you busy looking up references and following the arguments! Took the time today to respond to some statements made by Dr. Shabir Ally in a recent debate he did, focusing especially on the common bad arguments used by various unitarians on the topic of John 1:1. Then, after covering that, I played portions of Robert Truelove’s recent video critiquing a single question asked of me by Todd Friel after my NT reliability presentation, pointing out that when you don’t mind ignoring that little thing called context, well—you can come up with all sorts of arguments against folks! Lots of textual information and the like in today’s program.

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Duration 1:50:47
Date Aug 18, 2015
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