Justification #1: The Crucial Importance of This Doctrine

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Featured on Oct 1, 2006

Every day you ask yourself dozens of questions -- am I going to catch the next bus, or do I have milk for tomorrow's breakfast, or perhaps more broadly, what's going to happen next in the war on terrorism?

But if you knew that within 24 hours you would leave this life by the door of death, nothing would be more crucial to you than the answer to this question: How may I, a sinner, be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am right with God? 

It is evidence of God's amazing grace that He has provided a clear, complete, and final answer to that most important question. We can be sure of full forgiveness of our sins and acceptance with God through His act of JUSTIFICATION.

None of us can afford to be content with dim, indistinct or inaccurate ideas regarding this fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith. We urge you to give a careful hearing to every message in this series.

Sermon #TQ-A-1

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Duration 44:27
Date Apr 2, 2006
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