Is the Earth Really Flat with Dr Jason Lisle


Is the Earth actually flat??? There is a new movement that seems to have just popped up from out of nowhere that believes that the earth is not spherical but is in fact flat?!? They argue from three lines of reasoning.
1. The Bible teaches a flat earth.
2. Science shows a flat earth.
3. NASA conspiracies are covering up a flat earth.
In this podcast and the next, we will be dealing with the first two lines of reasoning. We will leave the conspiracies to other podcasts. Joining me today is Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute of Creation Research (ICR). Dr. Lisle has his PHD in astrophysics as well as a masters in mathematics. Dr. Lisle specialized in solar astrophysics and has made a number of scientific discoveries regarding the solar photosphere. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

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Duration 1:05:15
Date Aug 16, 2016
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