The True Church is the Persecuted Church

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After doctrinally defining and separating the true historic church from the many false churches, this message then focuses on the severe persecutions of Christians during the first 3 centuries of the church, and the reason for the persecution: the Christians' refusal to acknowledge that Caesar is Lord.

Though there were heresies that came into the church and doctrinal disagreements even in the early days of the church, there was one defining doctrine that characterized the early church, that it appears all Christians of that day knew to be true: the doctrine of the exclusive Lordship of Christ over His churches, a/k/a, the Separation of Church and state. Sadly, it is also a doctrine that today's Christians have for the most part betrayed.

"Is there not a cause?" The early Christians believed Christ's Lordship was worth dying a martyr's death for. Do you?

Aug 17, 2014
Radio Broadcast
Ephesians 1:22; Matthew 16:13-18
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