Hosea, Exposition # 01 of 13 - Introduction


THIS SERIES IS NOW COMPLETE. Hosea is the first book of the ‘Minor Prophets of the Old Testament.' The Minor Prophets, as a rule, are not minor as in being less important than Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel (the ones known as the ‘Major Prophets'), but minor in the quantity of their content--though Hosea & Zechariah are exceptions. The Hebrew Bible puts the books of these twelve prophets together, and simply calls them ‘The Twelve,' known by the Aramaic term as the Trei Asar. In each of the books of all the Minor Prophets, we will find the historical, the prophetical, and the practical--how it applies to us. This exhaustive exposition of the Book of Hosea presents practical lessons for Christians. It is the in depth type of teaching one might expect to receive while attending a seminary or Bible college. For best use in studying this series, please have your Bible open to the passages read. (All the series of the Minor Prophets are complete, and will be uploaded in sequence.)

Oct 28, 2007
Bible Study
Hosea 1
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