The Sovereignty of God (10 of 11), A.W. Pink, Biblical Truth, Reformed Theology, Book


The best contemporary book explaining the foundations of Calvinism and God's sovereignty as revealed in Scripture. It is like a key that, by God's grace,
opens the door of understanding to some of the most blessed truths in the Bible. From the myriad of testimonies that we have heard concerning how God has used this book, it is likely the best book to give to those whom you want to introduce to Calvinism.

Chapters include:

  1. God's Sovereignty Defined

  2. The Sovereignty Of God In Creation

  3. Sovereignty Of God In Administration

  4. The Sovereignty Of God In Salvation

  5. The Sovereignty Of God In Reprobation

  6. The Sovereignty Of God In Operation

  7. God's Sovereignty & The Human Will

  8. Sovereignty & Human Responsibility

  9. God's Sovereignty & Prayer

  10. Our Attitude Toward His Sovereignty

  11. Difficulties And Objections

  12. The Value Of This Doctrine Conclusion & Appendices

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Sermon ID 8160613570
Duration 1:01:10
Date Mar 8, 2001
Category Audiobook
Bible Text 1 John 2:2; John 11:51-52
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