Because He Believed in His God

The Word tells us in Daniel 6 that Daniel was delivered from the Lion's den 'Because He Believed in His God' and this points to the fact that Daniel was saved (in two different senses) through faith alone in Christ alone. As Pink put it:

“When almost captured, the Lord's people are rescued from the hand of the mighty by One who is mightier still. God never fails those who really exercise faith in Him: He may indeed severely test, but He will not suffer them to be “utterly cast down.” As our “Rock” God is the strength and support of His people, the One on whom they build their hopes, the One who affords shade from the burning heat of the desert. As our “Fortress” God gives His people shelter from their assailants, supplying protection and security—“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” (Prov. 18:10). As our “Deliverer” God saves us from ourselves, redeems us from the damning power of sin, rescues us from the roaring lion, secures us against the second death.” – A.W. Pink

Aug 13, 2006
Sunday - AM
Daniel 6:18-28
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