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Here's a sample of stories from the Crosstalk news desk that made the cut for this edition of the "Round-Up":

--Jim reported on the Democrats 3.5 trillion dollar package of climate and social initiatives.

--Rashida Tlaib introduced a 40 billion dollar Maintaining Access to Essential Services Act which would bribe utility companies to cease shut-offs, restore services and cancel utility, power, broadband and water debt by providing loans that the companies wouldn't have to repay.

--The U.S. Department of Education gave another pause in the repayment on student loan payments until January 31st of 2022.

--A new Fox poll showed that more Democrats are favoring socialism over capitalism.

--Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel reports that when the vote was taking place for the 3.5 trillion dollar budget, at about 4:30am Eastern Time on Wednesday, Chuck Schumer attempted to slip the so-called "For the People Act" to the U.S. Senate floor for debate.

--Scientists want people fitted with euthanasia chip that kills you at the first sign of dementia.

--The CDC is urging all pregnant women to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

--Controversial comments from Bill Gates concerning saving lives/reducing the population.

--Vaccines appear to be ineffective against the COVID Lambda variant.

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Date Aug 13, 2021
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