Our God is Able to Deliver Us


'Dear friends, let us be ready to suffer for Christ's sake. Some will say, 'Do not be imprudent.' It is always prudent to do your duty. We do not have enough nowadays of the virtue nicknamed imprudence. I would like to see a display of old-fashioned imprudence in these cold, calculating, selfish days. Oh, for the days of zeal, the days when men counted not their lives dear to them that they might win Christ! At present, men sit down and reckon what it will cost them to do right, weighing their conduct as a matter of profit and loss. Then they call such wicked calculations prudence. It is sheer selfishness. Do right, if it costs you your life. … He loves not Christ who does not love Him more than all things. Oh, for men of principle, who know no loss but loss of faith, and desire no gain except the glory of God!' – C.H. Spurgeon

Jun 18, 2006
Sunday - AM
Daniel 3:1-18
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