X Jehovah Witness Speaks #4 The Person of Jesus

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Featured on Jan 30, 2018

An Ex- Jehovah Witness talks about his bondage to the Watch Tower Society. You may watch this class and 3 others videos on Sermon Audio. These classes have helped hundreds of Christians deal with Jehovah Witness Cult members as these sincere but lost people knock on their doors during their Saturday door knocking program. One of Dr. Phillips' students which is a converted Jehovah's witness gives his testimony concerning his conversion and how the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures have given him much comfort in really knowing what God's Word says about the Person of God. Bro. Mike has been in Jim's Greek classes for several years and he is a very faithful student in the Greek N.T. classes. Bro. Mike has gone on several mission trips to lead others to the real saving knowledge of the real Jehovah. Mike is now a real Jehovah's witness. Please pray for him as he tries to reach some of his family and friends still in the bondage and chains to this man made organization. This class was recorded at 90 minutes but the students were so excited about this subject that the class exceeded 2.5 hrs. The second half of the class is now up under the title Former Jehovah Witness speaks #2. Dr. Phillips will Give the scriptures to deal with Jehovah's witnesses when they come to your door or those that you are trying to deal with in your family. Mike will continue to tell how he finally was deprogramed after having been brainwashed for many years in this cult. Dr. Jim's classes are like a recovery room for Former J W's. A place for them to readjust to life without the watchtower and it's aggressive control.

Oct 7, 2007
Special Meeting
John 1:14; John 1; John 1:1; John 18
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