The SIMPLICITY of Devotion

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Let’s analyze the world each of us live in.
o It is busy, right? More to do than time permits each day.
o It is also distracting. Many things draw and tug at our minds trying to get our attention.
o It is also evil. There is darkness pressing in around our hearts and souls each moment as the last days breathe down upon is.

Now, if I could offer you a secret that could make you powerfully godly in a busy, distracting, and evil world – would you be interested? How about if I offered to show you a proven technique that has always worked – in any time, in any place, and under any pressure? Sounds too good to be true? No it is even worse than that. It is too simple to be actually considered. So here goes.

Sermon ID 790321100
Duration 36:01
Date May 18, 2003
Category Current Events
Bible Text Hebrews 11
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