19-Samuel-15 - The One Step Back To God No Matter How Far Away You Are

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NO MATTER how many steps AWAY from GOD you've taken, it is ALWAYS JUST ONE STEP BACK! That's the GOOD NEWS. Sharing these truths with the NextGeneration of God's servants in Asia, Africa, and Europe is the joy of our lives. GOD is within an arm's length of EVERYONE if they'll just REACH out in FAITH to HIM!
David fell so far, so fast—he didn't even realize it until the dullness of his soul spread to every inch of his spiritual life. Soon his cold heart was combined with his tormented soul and trapped in a painfully chastened body. David was at the bottom, and he stayed there for almost a year.
ALMOST A YEAR—did that length of time strike you? DAVID WAS AT THE BOTTOM: Think of who we are talking about, that fell so far away from the God he so passionately loved and served.
• A man that God talked to directly by way of inspiration;
• a man who knew the indwelling Presence of God the Spirit;
• a man who had the direct line to God's Throne by way of prophets;
• a man who could enter the very tent of God built to the specs God left;
• a man who had held perhaps the very scrolls Moses had written down;
• a man who may have seen the stone tablets of the law that were kept in the ark;
• a man who had seen God's supernatural protection month after month in hand to hand combat as David was never defeated on the battlefield—and as far as we know, never even wounded by arrow, sword, spear or sling stone, though there had been tens of thousands pointed at him and held by those who hated him and wanted him dead.
That man who knew God, experienced God's presence, loved God, sang scores of songs inspired by God, wrote chapters of the eternal Word of God—that man seemed to lose

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Date Jul 7, 2021
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