"Vaccine Hesitant" Targeted with Door-to-Door Campaign

According to various news accounts, 48% of Americans are fully vaccinated, while the number of those who've received at least one shot stands at 64%. President Joe Biden wanted to see a 70% COVID-19 vaccination rate by July 4th.

In response, yesterday afternoon the White House launched an outreach program to get remaining Americans vaccinated and get them the information needed regarding how safe and accessible the COVID-19 vaccine is.

Part of this broadcast involved a pair of audio clips featuring Press Secretary Jen Psaki and President Biden. These clips focused on the idea of the government implementing this targeted, community by community, door to door outreach. It's an attempt to move away from mass vaccination sites to emphasizing ways to get the shots more conveniently and closer to home, at locations people are already familiar with, such as places of worship.

Jim also reviewed FDA and CDC data from a recent press conference put on by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, as well as presenting up-to-date vaccine related information from other news sources.

Crosstalk listeners joined the program to present their views as well.

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Jul 7, 2021
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