A Packed Program


Not the most descriptive title, is it? Basically covered more on the SBC plagiarism scandal, reviewing some of what I included in my article about Tim Keller's "being a heterosexual won't get you to heaven" silliness, and how it was picked up by, and repeated by, so many others. We looked at the Docent Research Group, and wondered out loud how much they charge per sermon, and how any of this is considered acceptable by anyone at all. Then we looked at a clip from Cross Examined, Dr. Frank Turek's ministry, where he interacts with a woman whose mother is a Roman Catholic, and Dr. Turek's response regarding what actually defines the gospel. Finally we got back into Gregory's confession of faith for the last few minutes of the program, before Rich reminded me to mention the Travel Fund (upcoming trips, the 5th wheel trailer) and the stops we will be making in Colorado and elsewhere.

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Date Jul 6, 2021
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