1 Timothy 2 Part 1: Pray for Them All

Paul now entering into the first aspect explaining the details of his charge to timothy.
It will be important to remember: We live in a world environment where -Love of many grow cold, & -many are Without natural affection, a cold indifference grips the masses, and grows like a killing frost. The Church, however, is to be the hearth, the warm and bristling fireplace of God's light and heat to a dead and dark world. Within the church, such cold indifference, and stubborn iciness towards offenses ought not be so, the Church is to be touched and sympathetic to the things without. We cannot be as those joining in the scoffing and the mocking and the bitterness towards those with whom we may disagree with, even if it is for right reasons. Now This is not all hippy, cheery, and false love emotionalism that pervades many dead denominations, this is to be a warm and bristling fireplace in the sense that we desire the Gospel light to penetrate the world's cold dark atmosphere, and the fire of gospel preaching to melt the hearts of stone. As a matter of facts, come in close to the presence of our God underneath the fire of His preached Word and if the worldling is not converted he is liable to be burned. The cross is a smell and savor of death unto the already dead, the fires rage dangerously and unwelcomingly to the broken and sick, but that cross is the narrow way unto life, and that is the refiners fire purging the leper of all his disease.
Pray for the outsiders, be touched with the malady of sinful man as our Christ was touched with it in us.
Be sympathetic and interceding with Gospel promises and the hope of Grace for the undeserving. Many assemblies have become exclusivists

Jul 4, 2021
Sunday Service
1 Timothy 2:1-4
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