A Shocking Youth Message: Matthew 7:13-27

23,530 ( 17,985 | 5,545 )

This sermon by Paul Washer was played in video form to the members of Calvary Baptist Church. On July 2, 2009, the youth group of Calvary Baptist Church heard Brother Washer preach in person at the 2009 Reality Youth Conference in Chattanooga, TN.

This is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical message preached to about 5,000 youth in a day when youth are appealed to through shallow and worldly means.

At one point in this sermon the 5,000 Youth are clapping and yelling but then the preacher makes a comment that changes the whole atmosphere to where you could have heard a pin drop. As you can imagine, the preacher was never invited back.

For more info about Paul Washer go to www.heartcrymissionary.com

While this sermon is posted in many locations on the internet, we would like to specifically thank Grace Community Church in San Antonio, TX,
www.gccsatx.com, for their post of this sermon and many others of the sermons of Brother Paul Washer.

Sermon ID 74091412491
Duration 58:56
Date Jun 28, 2009
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Matthew 7:13-27
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