John Cooper of Skillet on the Dividing Line: Faith and Music


Well, we announced during the show today that I am now the official theologian for Skillet, so it was time to have the founding lead singer, John Cooper, on the Dividing Line! Had a great time talking with John about the band, its history, ministry in a challenging field, etc. His response to the apostasy of Joshua Harris went viral last year, and it was truly a sound, solid response that garnered a lot of attention. We also played one of their new songs, Terrify the Dark, and discussed its meaning. All in all a really great time, and he was rocking his Just Thinking hat in honor of ol' Darrell and Omaha, so it was great for everyone. And, of course, his beard likewise made a special appearance (it has its own billing!). Enjoy this time with John Cooper of Skillet!

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Duration 1:19:59
Date Jul 30, 2020
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