The Prayer of Jabez - It's Not The Model Prayer


“The Prayer of Jabez: A Prayer, Not A Model”
The prayer of Jabez has become much more than a biblical narrative exemplifying God’s Grace of answered prayer. With the help of Bruce Wilkinson’s book “The Prayer of Jabez,” this single prayer has been magnified to millions as a model prayer to unlock a life of blessing. Unfortunately, the prayer of Jabez was never meant to be a model prayer for blessing. Yet, like so many promising and obscure “Christian” trends, Wilkinson’s book has spread like wildfire. Even our churches are buying into this pragmatic mindset. “Christians,” not just business owners, seem to crave a formula for success. They want a prayer that guarantees the profit of blessing. Yet scripture never describes prayer as a formula that moves the Almighty, but as an avenue of fellowship with Him. There is great danger in making a pattern out of the prayer of Jabez. The concept is not Biblical. Christians are not beggars begging daily for God’s blessing. Such an attitude is insulting to a God who has given us every spiritual blessing in Christ upon our salvation.

Sermon ID 73001104654
Duration 1:09:39
Date Jul 29, 2001
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
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