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With this Friday comes more news stories than Jim could address in an hour! Here is a sampling of the headlines:

• Gov. Asking Everyone to Pray as 16 Dead, Cities Reeling from Most Devastating Floods in Kentucky's History
• Health Care Workers Settle COVID Shot Mandate for $10.3 Million
• Studies Reveal Ivermectin Greatly Reduces COVID Mortality
• NYC Employees Fired for Not Getting COVID Vaccine Grows to More Than 1,750
• Court Rules Pastor Artur Pawlowski Wrongfully Jailed for Defying COVID Lockdown to Hold Church Service
• China Locking Down One Million People Due to Four Asymptomatic COVID Cases
• Kim Jong Un Says North Korea Fully Ready to Use Nuclear Bombs at Any Time
• As China Gains Footholds in America, Congress is Sleeping at the Wheel, Former Pentagon Official Says
• Trump Was Right: China Placed Huawei Equipment Atop Cell Towers on Purchased Farm Land Near U.S. Military Bases - Capable of Disrupting and Capturing Signals
• China Trying to Recruit Spies Inside U.S. Federal Reserve, Says GOP Senator
• With Strategic Petroleum Reserve at Lowest Level Since 1985, U.S. Sells Stockpiled Oil to China
• 80+ Religious Conservative Groups Urge McConnell, GOP to Oppose Gay Marriage Codification Bill
• Leftist Senators Hopeful They Can Find Five Republicans to Pass Same-Sex Marriage Polygamy Bill
• Vice President Harris Boldly Declares That She is a Woman
• 43 Abortion Centers Have Closed or Stopped Killing Babies So Far, 7 States are Abortion-Free
• ...... and several more

Listen, share, and PRAY!!!

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