Grace Energized Men - Don't Waste Your Life

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In Titus 2:2, God tells older men to make a choice: “You can invest your life, or waste your life—it's up to you!” God's desire for you is that you would live a life that testifies that the Lord is good—good enough to obey completely, to trust implicitly, to follow faithfully, and to intentionally sacrifice my comfort, my security, and my convenience for His Cause! God has an eternal purpose for you to accomplish regardless of the stage of life you find yourself in. A purpose that is greater than the 'American dream', greater than retirement, and will be of eternal value. God has given you a certain and limited amount of a commodity-the commodity of time. When your share runs out-its done. You can't get any more. Are you making the most of it? What percentage of the last week that you lived benefited the kingdom of God? That is the percentage that will last for all eternity! May God bless you with a life that is lived wholly for Him!

Sermon ID 729081339291
Duration 42:09
Date Oct 28, 2007
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Mark 8:35; Titus 2
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