Road Trip Dividing Line #1!


I can't tell you how long I've been dreaming about today! I am on day #1 of 22 on the road. Today was a big, big test, with some of the longest, steepest climbs in all of my trip. I did not know, until today, if our truck/5th wheel combination would handle today (the unit would be heavy due to having a lot of supplies for the trip in it). Well, all went well, and I am ecstatic. Then we used our own in-unit WiFi for the program and—not a single hiccup! I know some places will throw us curves, but today was encouraging and exciting!

Started off with a little report on the trip, of course, then talked a bit about Jason Lisle's new book, Fractals, The Secret Code of Creation https://biblicalscienceinstitute.com/product/fractals/ . Do not stop, do not pass go, click on the link and get your copy! Then we talked about the continuing weaponization of science and medicine (by the way, I need to spend some time talking about how the Christian worldview prohibits such things and provides a moral and ethical foundation for the practice of science and medicine, a foundation denied by modern secularism) before moving on to examining a brief clip from Dr. Jarvis Williams from 2018 about "whiteness" in academia. Then we got into looking at Calvin in light of his having been cited in the debate last week with Jake Brancatella. We read through Institutes I:XIII:15-17, and we will pick up from there on the program tomorrow, Lord willing!

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Date Jul 28, 2021
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