The Calvinism Debate with Michael Brown Pt 1


A 4-day radio debate with Michael Brown on the issue of Calvinism. The first two days were conducted on Michael Brown's own radio program, 'The Line of Fire,' which was essentially Q&A between Dr. White and Dr. Brown. The 3rd and 4th days were conducted on The Dividing Line in debate format. Day 3 covered scripture selections chosen by Dr. White and day 4 was on scriptures selected by Dr. Brown.

A rousing, extensive conversation and debate that not only clearly highlights the issues but demonstrates for all that two men on different sides of the issue can conduct themselves with civility and respect without resorting to ad hominem and other cheap and low debate tricks.

Sermon ID 728151457266
Duration 1:14:05
Date Jan 28, 2010
Category Radio Broadcast
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