Biblical Perspectives on Pastoring an Internationally Diverse Congregation

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In Houston, Texas, noted for its diversity, Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot pastor the diverse congregation of Founders Baptist Church (FBC). On the Straight Truth Podcast, they discuss the biblical perspective on pastoring a multi-ethnic church, examining scriptures from Acts, Galatians, and Revelation. Dr. Caldwell emphasizes that while the New Testament acknowledges cultural and ethnic differences, what's paramount is the unity of believers in Christ. He believes the church should prioritize biblical teachings over intentional diversity efforts and stresses the importance of viewing everyone as created in God's image. When questioned about leadership diversity and visitors' concerns over representation, Dr. Caldwell underscores the need for scriptural adherence and spiritual regeneration, highlighting unity in Christ as the ultimate goal.

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Duration 12:07
Date Aug 16, 2023
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