How Much Do You Desire God

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According to Wolfram Alpha, there are 300 billion trillion stars.
Astronomers estimate there are at least 100 billion galaxies, though some say that number should be at least 2 trillion.1
I have mentioned this before, but Scripture gives an amazing testimony to the vast number of stars.
You can count about 3,000 stars with the unaided eye if you happen to be in a very dark place.
What in Scripture is compared to the number of the stars? One comparison is the sand on the seashore.
Some scientists estimate that the number of stars and the grains of sand to be equal in number.
It is not that they have to be exactly the same, but clearly the Holy Spirit communicated early in Scripture that there were many, many more stars than what you can see.

Even though individually we are so entirely insignificant in terms of the vastness of the world and universe, we have the blessing of worshipping the one and only true God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Isn't it so amazing that God takes notice of us?
Psalm 84 is in the third book of the Psalms.
Book 3 is "darker" in the themes it contains. Psalm 84 is what we might call a "happier" Psalm.
We, of course, need all the Psalms that God has given to us.
It would be foolish to ignore any of them.
This Psalm, though full of joy and blessing, does bring a rebuke and encouragement.

  • It rebukes us for our shallow desires and our weakness often in truly seeking after God.
  • It encourages by reminding you of the graciousness of our God and the blessings He offers to those who will seek after Him.

God offers the greatest blessings. May you never be satisfied apart from Him.

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Date Jul 26, 2020
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