Pleading, How To Pray Powerful Prayers Which God Answers, Conquering His Enemies


"NOT TO PRAY IS A SIN MOST ODIOUS. O! why cease we then to call instantly to his mercy, having his commandment so to do? Above all our iniquities, we work manifest contempt and despising of him, when, by negligence, we delay to call for his gracious support. Whoso does call upon God obeys his will, and finds therein no small consolation, knowing nothing is more acceptable to his Majesty than humble obedience (Jer. 7:23)." - JOHN KNOX http://www.puritandownloads.com/swrb/categories/John-Knox/

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Sermon ID 72405185849
Duration 45:53
Date Apr 18, 1999
Category Audiobook
Bible Text 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Psalm 70:5
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