04 The Attributes of God - God's Foreknowledge

In this fourth episode in our series on the attributes of God we take a cursory look at God's foreknowledge. I say cursory because you really can't cover all that much in 6 minutes! Nevertheless, I wanted to give a brief but Biblical explanation of what God's foreknowledge is according to Scripture and that it is always (5 instances in the our New Testament) a foreknowing of persons. Many wrongly understand God's foreknowledge to be God seeing ahead of time the choices of men, thus basing eternal election on man's belief and repentance. Yet this is neither Biblical nor satisfactory. It undermines the beauty of the Golden Chain of Redemption we read of in Romans 8:29-30. I hope this study helps to clarify a point or two and ultimately brings glory to our God of sovereign grace!

Jul 23, 2016
Romans 8:29-30
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