EZRA: Showing us How to Maintain a Word Filled Life


A Word filled life is a life with habits of Scriptural Resolves.

As Paul said, a Spirit filled believer has the Word richly dwelling or filling them. But how is that possible? To find out we need to turn our hearts to Psalm 119. There EZRA explains the secret of maintaining a Word Filled Life – the only sure protection in the dark spiritual forests of life into which we -- and our loved ones, must walk each day.

Our focus in this sermon is again that Old Testament Giant of the Faith – EZRA. His testimony as we saw last time is the 119th Psalm. He gives us in these 176 verses the content of his personal HABITS or RESPONSES to the Lord, and his personal resolves or HOPES in the Lord.

Jul 6, 2003
Sunday - AM
Ezra; Psalm 119
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