Jesus - Willing to die for you

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Who chose for Jesus to die?

Jesus willingly sacrificed His own life. And He did this in full knowledge of the cost that it would involve, but He did it because He loved us – His people.

The rich young ruler had gone away and now the disciples asked Jesus, "What about us? We've left everything to follow You." jesus made three promises to them. He promised that they would receive back a hundredfold what they had left behind, that they would encounter persecution, and that they would be given everlasting life in the world to come.

Jesus was willing to pay the ultimate price to purchase this for us. He took His 12 disciples aside and told them what was really about to happen to Him. He told them that He would be betrayed, condemned to death, handed over to the Gentiles, mocked and scourged and spit upon, and put to death.

But the story wouldn't end there, because He would also rise from the dead! On the cross, the price was paid for our salvation. But in the Resurrection, we are justified! In the Resurrection, we have hope. And in the Resurrection, we have the assurance that the Lord's promises are true.

Will you trust in Jesus and live out a living faith? He deserves our allegiance and love. Will you sacrifice for Him? This is part of the cost of discipleship. But the new heavens and new earth – where we will join the myriads of redeemed souls who are singing and praising Jesus – will make those sacrifices worth it in eternity!

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Duration 29:21
Date Jul 2, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 10:28-34
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