Balancing Faith and Reputation As A Pastor

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Welcome to the "Straight Truth Podcast", where we explore complex biblical principles from a Christian perspective. In this episode, titled "Balancing Faith and Reputation As A Pastor", Pastor Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot delve into the intricate dynamics of maintaining a good reputation among non-believers while enduring persecution for their faith. Using practical examples from the scriptures, including the experiences of Apostle Paul and Jesus, the discussion elucidates how a pastor can maintain their true character and stand firm in their faith amidst opposition. This thought-provoking episode underscores the essence of pastoral leadership, embracing both righteousness and the potential for misrepresentation. Remember, "Straight Truth" is listener supported; visit straighttruth.net to help us keep delivering biblical wisdom. The "Straight Truth Podcast" is a production of Walking In Grace Ministries.

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Duration 07:08
Date Aug 10, 2023
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