Regeneration and Perseverance (White vs Wilkin)


The Regeneration and Perserverance Debate
(Lordship salvation)

Dr. White debates Dr. Robert Wilkin of the Grace Evangelical Society on the subject of faith. The two parts of this debate are Regeneration and the Ordo Salutis, and the Perserverance of the Saints. To be honest, James was disappointed with this debate. The majority of the time, he had to correct mischaracterizations of his own beliefs. It was clear that Dr. Wilkin had not read any of James' books. Many times, James was morphed into an Arminian. Some important questions to be considered are: Is faith a mere tip of the hat, or is there more to it? What is regeneration? Does regeneration come before faith? Is there such a thing as a dead faith? Are there 'super' Christians? These and many other questions get answered hopefully putting the anti-Lordship debate to rest for those who are considering it as being Scriptural.

Part I -- Regeneration and the ordo salutis: Does regeneration come before faith?
Track 1 - Introductions
Track 2 - Dr. White Affirmative (20 min)
Track 3 - Dr. Wilkin Negative (20 min)
Track 4 - Dr. White Rejoinder (10 min)
Track 5 - Dr. Wilkin Rejoinder (10 min)

Part II -- Perserverance as the evidence of saving faith: Resolved that works are (or are not) an indispensable element of true faith
Track 6 - Dr. Wilkin Negative (15 min)
Track 7 - Dr. White Affirmative (15 min)
Track 8 - Dr. Wilkin Rejoinder (10 min)
Track 9 - Dr. White Rejoinder (10 min)

Part III -- Question & Answer
Track 10 - Question & Answer

Part IV -- Summary
Track 11 - Dr. White (5 min)
Track 12 - Dr. Wilkin (5 min)

Apr 8, 2005
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