Psalm, Exposition # 016 of 102 - The 23rd Psalm


The Book of Psalms, an extensive collection of hymns, poems, and prayers, is quite likely the most widely read and highly cherished of all the books in the Old Testament. The first Psalm serves as a good general introduction to all of the Book of Psalm, in that it speaks of the blessed man and God's blessings upon him, as well as the wicked man and how God will deal with him. This exhaustive exposition series helps teach Christians the way of blessedness, often while enduring the world's trials and tribulations, as well as provide warnings to sinners. For best use in studying this series, please have your Bible open to the passages read. (This series is complete, and will be uploaded in sequence.)

Jul 18, 2007
Bible Study
1 Peter 5:4; Hebrews 13:20; Psalm 23
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