Through Gates of Splendor - Quest for the Aucas - The Spiritual Legacy of 5 Missionar

Day of Discovery - produced by RBC Ministries (www.dhp.org) has given special permission to the School of Prayer to host this movie for all to hear and to see. Thank You Ed Rock from RBC Ministries for all your help. This DVD (Quest for the Aucas) can be purchased from www.dhp.org

Rachael Saint died 11/11/1994 - shortly after this interview.

In January 1956, 5 young men ventured into the forbidden territory of the Waodani (Aucas), one of Ecuador's most-feared jungle tribes. Five young men in the prime of their lives sought to bring the love and light of Jesus Christ to a stone-age people who had never heard the good news. But their mission ended tragically, a saga made famous by the book and movie 'Through Gates of Splendor'...and through the book "Jungle Pilot". Join the Day of Discovery team nearly 50 years later, as they take their cameras back into the jungles of Ecuador to bring you a story of forgiveness, the awesome power of God, and of a community of pagans turned to Christ.

Praise God for RBC Ministries and Day of Discovery for their kindness to encourage all to consider supporting and/or becoming a missionary.

May 8, 2008
Special Meeting
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