The Servant of All

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Jesus came as the King of kings, walking on the royal road of service. And He is calling each one of us to walk on the same road.

The other ten disciples were displeased with James and John because they had all wanted the seats of honor that those two had asked for. Jesus took the opportunity to teach them all a lesson. He talked to them about how the leaders of the world act. All around us, we see leaders who are only in the game for what they can get out of it for themselves. We see this in the workplace, sports, academia, politics, and sadly, even in families and churches. This is the way the world does things, but it shouldn't be that way among God's people.

Some of the best leaders are those who love their people and serve them. They see the needs that people have, and they help them – sometimes even when other people can't see it.

Even the Son of Man Himself did not come to earth in order to be served – although He was the King of kings! He showed His love by serving even to the point of death. What should our response be to that kind of leadership? Go and love others. What act of selfless love can you do for another person today?

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Duration 34:04
Date Jul 16, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 10:35-45
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