On The Box, with Ray Comfort | Episode #385


Ray and Tony share a follow-up to the fired lifeguard story. Torrey (a viewer) shares his testimony of his first open-air. Spencer (14 years old) is concerned about whether or not he is a false convert. And Tony shares the story of his first gospel conversation outside the local abortion clinic.

“On the Box, with Ray Comfort” is a daily (Monday through Friday), live, half-hour, fast-paced, web-based program produced by Living Waters. On the program, Ray and members of the Living Waters team answer questions from the viewing audience about evangelism, apologetics, and current events. As an unscripted, humorous, and informative show, “On the Box, with Ray Comfort” equips and encourages Christians to step out of their comfort zones and reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more info visit www.OnTheBox.us

Sermon ID 716121621457
Duration 28:15
Date Jul 9, 2012
Category TV Broadcast
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