Pastors and Social Media: How Social Media Impacts Pastoral Duties

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In the latest episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell discuss the impact of social media on pastoral focus and responsibilities. They observe how many pastors are becoming distracted by commenting extensively on global and cultural issues on social media, which might detract from their primary duties within their local congregations. Dr. Caldwell emphasizes that pastors are called to shepherd their local flock, not the entire world. He cautions that constant commenting can lead to a form of 'caught-up-ness', characterized by agitation and distraction, potentially harming both the pastor and the congregation they shepherd. Echoing Steve Lawson, Dr. Caldwell underscores the importance of the pulpit, advising fellow pastors to avoid becoming full-time commentators and to focus on their churches as their primary calling.

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Duration 09:49
Date Jul 27, 2023
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