Life Comes To Darkness. Is this a creation sermon? Close… it's a Christmas Sermon

Our internet audience has asked pastor for a clever title for his sermons… so here’s his stab at it. The title of this sermon… is… drum roll please… “Christmas Eve Eve Service”. Alright… let’s all agree to leave the titling of pastor Chronister’s lectures to Supper Dave. Mine might be a little silly at times but at least they occasionally catch someone’s eye.

Now pastor Chronister points out - like he does every Christmas - that Jesus Christ was not born on this day or in this season. So why didn’t He tell us when His birthday was? My thought is that God/Jesus wouldn’t want a birthday celebration. He is eternal… To have an actual birthday would be an out and out lie. Everything that has a beginning has a cause. He has no beginning. But I digress. Read the book Who Made God, by Edgar Andrews.

Pastor starts out with John 11:25 and 26. He came to earth to give life. He says, “I am the resurrection and THE Life… Do you believe this?” Pastor says, I’ve ruined you. At your trial you’ll have no excuse.

Pastor then talks about the virgin birth and why it’s so important. But Jesus has perfect blood. And we have to have a human blood sacrifice. Moses understood in Genesis 3:15 that the seed of the woman is required. Pastor explains why.

Pastor talks about how it is possible for The Life… to die. You compare the two deaths of the two Adams. They’re completely different. The explanation will amaze you… at least we hope it will.

I’ll stop here and let you listen. Class… it’s time to open your TextBooks and pull out your notepads. Now press play and enjoy… or pull your hair out. Whichever you prefer.

Dec 23, 2012
Sunday Service
Genesis 3:15; John 11:25-27
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