The Problem with SBC Provisionism


Sean Cole invited Tyler Vela and Chris Date to join him in discussing what they believe are problems with Provisionism (aka SBC Traditionalism).

Tyler Vela hosts the Freed Thinker Podcast (http://freedthinkerpodcast.blogspot.com) and Chris Date is one of the leaders at Rethinking Hell (http://rethinkinghell.com/).
FYI: While Sean and Tyler agree with Chris on Reformed Theology, we do disagree with his views of annihilationism.

The three men interact with the views of Leighton Flowers who is representative of the SBC Traditionalism/Provisionism theology.

The primary three issues of concern relate to: (1) Divine determinism and human responsibility, (2) Total inability and the gospel appeal, and (3) the analogy of faith and other hermeneutical issues.

Enjoy as these three men cordially address Reformed theology's answer to the problems of Provisionism.

Jul 1, 2019
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