X Jehovah Witness Speaks Class #3 The Watch Tower Doctrines

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Featured on Jul 6, 2015

This is class number 3 of 9 class sessions on the Jehovah Witness Cult. During the first part of this class session Bro. Mike relates how he witnessed as one of the Watch Tower Proponents spreading their doctrines into peoples homes. In a series on cults, Dr. Phillips teaches on the Jehovah Witnesses cult using the Greek & Hebrew scriptures as his text. If you would like to see a sentence diagram of John 1:1;14&18 go the discoverthewordwithdrjim.com, look on the left side of page and you can see from Greek to English complete diagram of these verses. There is a work-book that comes with this study called "An Introduction to the Cults by Dr. Jim Phillips" The Work book is now on E-book and can be found on this web-page link. Class number one in this series has more than 4200 downloads on audio alone. If you value this Bible based ministry please take time to make a donation no matter how small to help maintain & build these great web-sites discovertheword.com, sermonaudio.com/dtw and discoverthewordwitdrjim.com

Sep 30, 2007
Bible Study
John 1:18; John 1:1; John 1:14
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