Denominational Cooperation A Hard Look at the Southern Baptist Convention

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In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell discuss the complexities of denominational cooperation, specifically within the context of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Dr. Caldwell highlights the cooperative practices seen in the New Testament, acknowledging the value of such collaborations while stressing the importance of church autonomy. Discussing the SBC's history and structure, he identifies missions and seminaries as uniting factors, but cautions on the need for clear, shared beliefs and goals. He argues that denominations should collectively address doctrinal errors, citing recent SBC disputes over the interpretation of verses in Timothy. Dr. Caldwell emphasizes that every church must decide their boundaries for cooperation, using the example of the issue of women pastors as a dividing line for Founders Baptist Church. He introduces a three-tier model of doctrine – First Order or Core Doctrines, Second Order or Characteristic Doctrines, and Third Order Issues or Charitable Doctrine – and asserts that these categories are crucial when considering denominational cooperation. He concludes by warning against the potential undermining of foundational beliefs, urging careful consideration of these matters in every church.

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Date Jul 20, 2023
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