Live DL Via Skype from Evergreen Colorado: Christianity Without the Bible Refuted


Started off with a brief refutation of the silliness promoted by Leighton Flowers, and then moved on to actually important issues. First we discussed comments made by William Lane Craig about the historical Adam and the doctrine of original sin. Then we noted that Andy Stanley appeared on Michael Brown’s radio program and attempted to defend his “unhitching the Old Testament” comments, which got back to the same issue we’ve addressed for a long time now: the fundamental theological errors amongst so many non-Reformed Protestants. Utilizing this article from Dr. Frank Turek (who is behind much of Stanley’s material) we examined this perspective. Then we moved to a very recent Catholic Answers article by Douglas M. Beaumont presenting an almost identical argument as Turek (Beaumont is a convert to Romanism from Southern Evangelical Seminary). We then documented a shamefully egregious abuse of a historical source (William Whittaker’s fine work, Disputations on Holy Scripture) by Beaumont in that same article.

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Date Jul 11, 2018
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