Islamic Militants–The Monster In Our Midst!

Featured on Sep 11, 2005

Four years on from 9/11/2001, and Islamic terrorists are still intent on attacking Western interests throughout the world.

The wave of barbaric synchronised bombings during the London morning rush hour on Thursday, 7 July 2005, is England's worst terrorist attack. 56 people were killed and 700 injured by three bombs on the Underground trains and one on a double-decker bus.

This savage suicide strike at the heart of our countries forces us to admit the presence of a Monster in our Midst!

However, a key question requires an answer:

What motivates these militants?!

The answers may shock you ..... .

Islamic terrorists bombed America and Britain because of:

  1. The Perverseness of HUMAN NATURE ...

cf. Romans 3:10-18 and James 4:1-3.

In the case of the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist, this wicked human nature manifests itself in an intense hatred of the West!

  1. The Performance of Islam in HISTORY ...

History clearly demonstrates that Islam has been primarily spread by conquests.

Issues such as:

• Who was Mohammed?
• What about the Crusader Wars?
• Is Islam not a tolerant religion?

... are dealt with in this section.

  1. The Pronouncements of Islam's HOLY TEXTS ...

The militant Muslim has no difficulty in deriving a license for his barbaric actions from the 'Holy' texts of Islam!

  1. The Provision of a HAVEN ...

Britain's policies and legislature affords a safe haven for terrorists – a fact that has been repeatedly proven.

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Date Jul 10, 2005
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Bible Text James 4:1-3
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