My Objections to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture


Having left Alaska to return to the Lower 48 states, it seems that eschatology(study of last things) has almost nearly become the standard to guage our fellowship as believers.

It has become so disconcerting in its replacement of the pre-eminence of Christ, and Him crucified, that I refuse dare not entertain notions other than the "blessed hope" of the appearance of the Lord... how it happens is not as important as in our agreement that He will return physically.

A brief rundown of my objections are these:

Improper perspectives or attitudes with regard to...

  1. Elitism

  2. Evangelism

  3. Escapism

  4. Edification

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Duration 37:55
Date Nov 2, 2008
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Revelation 1
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