The Young Christian Discerning the Errors of Contemporary Worship

Featured on Sep 5, 2005

We see a very serious and fatal outcome of the generation gap. In many churches there is a generation gap. Some churches are forced into two services, or older people are driven out through the purpose driven agenda. Those who founded the church and laboured in it are often cast aside to please the new generation with their new way. There is nothing new under the sun.

Moses and Aaron were on their faces worshipping the Lord while Nadab and Abihu, Aaron's sons, were offering strange fire and were consumed by fire which went out from the Lord.
Something radical happened in this offering up strange fire that brought the swift judgment of God. These two young guys went all wrong and became a warning to the rest of Israel. God was teaching Israel, his people, obedience – that everything is to be done by rule.

This answers the question, Does God really mean to regulate his people in their worship? The regulatory principle will be applied and policed. Yes, God is serious about it.

This sermon is designed to guide the young Christian through the maze of confusion in present day contemporary worship. Four tests are applied to discern if worship is real or “strange fire.”

Sermon ID 710504622
Duration 49:50
Date Jun 19, 2005
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Leviticus 10:1
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