The Young Christian Lured by the World

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In this account of Lot we see a young man making the biggest mistake of his life. He is entering into a land deal that will for ever change his testimony and usefulness to God. He was a bad real estate investor.

We have many of those around today. Some watched their homes crash down the sliding hillsides in California this week due to unstable soil. Their investments literally slide into the hole or worthlessness.

Young Lot who was Abraham's nephew was lured by the visual attraction of Sodom into the Jordan valley. As a cattle man Lot could see no further than the fertile valley. He was blinded by green, but should have noted the red flashing lights from heaven that this was a disastrous direction to take. He not only went down into the plain of Jordan he pitched his tent toward the sinful city of Sodom.

This sermon is a warning note to all who would be tempted to choose the world over the things of God. It is a solemn lesson on what happens to the child of God who follows the way of the world. Young Christian beware!

Sermon ID 710504155
Duration 48:22
Date Jun 5, 2005
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Genesis 13:12
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