X Jehovah Witness Speaks #5 The Cross & The Father & I Are one

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Featured on Dec 9, 2017

Ex Jehovah Witness Speaks during our lessons on The cults. The Subject here is The history of Crucifixion & I and The father are One. During this Class Dr. Jim talks about Church History. You may get this whole set of messages on CD or DVD format at the webstore at sermonaudio.com/dtw. There is a work-book that is available with this study. We want to thank our listeners and faithful users for your charitable donations no matter how small to help us keep the websites up for all to watch or hear the thousands of classes available on discovertheword.com, sermonaudio.com/dtw and discoverthewordwitdrjim.com

Oct 14, 2007
Special Meeting
John 1; John 1:1; John 1:14; John 18
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